Friday, January 13, 2012

Organic Coconut Sugar

My shipment of organic coconut sugar and organic blonde coconut sugar came in today!

Organic Coconut Sugar - Regular and Blonde

I have never used it before, but I have read about the benefits of using it as a sugar substitute for pretty much everything. It is supposed to be a natural product. Every time I get used to using a "more natural" product, they make available more readily an "even more natural" product.

I looked at Woodman's and saw the coconut sugar was $4.89 a bag.

I went online to Amazon and saw I could get a 6 pack of coconut sugar for $15! That's it! And they even gave me a coupon when checking out and I got it for only $13. They are the exact same size bags and it breaks down to just over $2 a bag. Now that is a good deal.

I am thrilled to start baking with it. I bought a bag of organic lemons and tomorrow I am going to make whole wheat lemon bars with my new sugar! I will post the results!

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