Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Deep Nutrition

This is going to be the first post of several on a book I am reading. This book is revolutionary. It will change the way you look at food forever. The name of the book is Deep Nutrition.

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One page into the book and I was reading it out loud to my husband. I can't put it down.

The book talks about how we have changed our outlook on food to simply a caloric content. We no longer look at food as nutrition for our body to keep us in good health. Nutrition used to be passed from generation to generation. People knew what to eat depending on what they were taught by their parents and grandparents. We now eat based on the calories. We are simply filling a number and not worried about what our food actually contains.

The most incredible part of the book so far is based on much research and how nutrition is passed on from generation to generation. One example the book gave was that if a mother smoked while pregnant her child was 1.5 times more likely of developing asthma. If the grandmother smoked the child was 1.8 times more likely of developing asthma - even if mom never smoked! If both mom and grandma smoked then the child was 2.6 times more likely of developing asthma. Our genes have nutritional memories that are passed from generation to generation!!

The good news though is that if you are only a generation or two away from good health (meaning grandma or great grandma ate organically on a farm) then your genes can be very forgiving. They just need to be woken up with good nutrition!

In my personal life, I have seen the health of my family deteriorate from generation to generation between my grandparents and myself. My grandparents were raised on a farm so they basically ate organic. Due to the lifestyle that their parents and grandparents lived, all nutritious food, they have a wealth of nutrition and essentially epigenomes attached to their DNA. These epigenomes control when a gene is fully expressed. When the gene is expressed you will experience good health and positive attributes in your appearance. When they are suppressed, due to poor nutrition, they will not fully express themselves and it will show in the state of the body - cancers, diseases, lack of beauty, etc. When my grandparents moved to the city and raised their two kids they switched to a processed diet. My grandparents' body could handle the switch and kept them in relatively good health their entire lives due to the memory in their genes of their raising in good health and the good health of their parents and grandparents. Their kids though suffered in not as perfect health since they did not have two decades of organic living. By the time those suppressed genes reached me, I was a wreck by my teens.

I was so sick. I ate a calorie restricted diet forever and I couldn't understand why my body was pretty much shutting down. Things didn't change with my health until I switched to an organic diet and I started seeing a naturopathic doctor that treated me with vitamins and hormones. I feel better now than I have in my entire life and I know things are only going to get better as I get access to better information and more quality, nutritionally dense products.

The book goes deeper into how nutrition decides whether you are going to develop into a beautiful person. Nutrition actually changes the structure of your face and your body, even the way your teeth form!

The book also talks about how nutritionally demanding being pregnant is and how in the old days, women used to prepare to have a baby by eating a certain way before getting pregnant and during pregnancy. We also used to choose our mates based on how healthy they were and how healthy of a baby they would give us. We no longer value the nutrition of our mate and ourselves when thinking about making a baby. Unless we change the way we eat, we are going to have a generation of ugly, nutritionally defunct people. We have to understand how nutrition determines everything and we need to make wise choices.

I will post more about this book as I continue along with it. It is a complete life changer for me.

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