Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Natural Toothpaste

I have read articles about the hazards of all the chemicals in our toothpaste. I obsessively rinse my mouth out after brushing my teeth, but considering I brush my teeth three or more times a day sometimes, I have to be getting a good dose of the bad stuff. I also love having white teeth. I whitened my teeth back in high school and with the right toothpaste I have been able to keep them pretty white, even with all my coffee drinking.

I decided to pick up a more natural toothpaste. I have no idea how it may compare to some other all natural varieties, but this is the best my local store offered.

The brand I bought was Tom's of Maine.

Tom's of Maine Website
I guess my skepticism in the product came from the packaging. When I flipped the product over, I hoped it would tell me about how wonderfully natural this product was. Instead it talked about how wonderfully they treat their employees. Of course I'm not opposed to this, I just hoped to gather more information from the packaging.

I have bought the strawberry toothpaste for the kids and my children love it. It is their preferred brand.

Tom's Children's Toothpaste
As far as the adult toothpaste goes, there is a definite difference. I think after being programmed for so long to like a certain texture in toothpaste, it can be hard to switch. It feels a little sloppier too. I got a giant glob in my hair and on the counter while brushing and I have never had this happen before. It seems like it slops around more than froth up which I prefer.

Toothpaste I bought

In the end, if the goal is to get my mouth clean, it worked. It will take some getting used to, but I think it should do the job. I just hope it will keep my teeth as white. If not, I will add back in my whitening toothpaste for occasional use.

Update 1/13/12 - I have gotten quite used to the product and now I actually prefer it over my old toothpaste. Things take time to adjust to, and this was just one of those things.

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  1. We too switched toothpaste and went to Earthpaste. Took about a week to get the nerve to actually use it but we love the improvement in our teeth! My daughters aged 6 & 8 like it too and love the web commercial.My husband likes wintergreen and I like peppermint and they have a lemon and a cinnamon flavor too. They have a site and are made by the Redmond Clay co of Utah.