Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

We have all heard things here and there over the years about the dangers of artificial sweeteners. I have never used artificial sweeteners and will usually refuse something, or politely fake drink or eat it if it has artificial sweetener in it.

Years ago, whenever I went to my grandparents I was always tired and ravenously hungry there. I couldn't figure out what would cause that each time I went there. I then realized it was because I would drink a diet soda there. That was the only place I would drink a diet soda and I quickly discovered that if I didn't drink the diet soda I wouldn't be tired and crazy hungry.

So even though I didn't drink it that much, I made sure that I was not going to put it into my body anymore.

The doctor when I was little told my mom to never give me artificial sweeteners. She said people may think it is safe, but don't risk it. My mom never did give me any. When other parents were feeding their kids diet sodas, my mom never gave me that.

It seems like there are many people I know whose body is breaking down. But when you try to mention their diet soda intake, it turns insulting when it is supposed to be helping.

I am sharing a link to a documentary on the dangers of artificial sweeteners. My husband watched this about a year ago and told me I had to watch this.

If you or anyone you know is consuming artificial sweeteners, PLEASE WATCH THIS! This could be the difference in a life!

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World 

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