Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Here we go!

Well, this is my first blog post on a cooking blog. My mom said I should start a blog on my recent cooking adventures. I laughed when she said that. For anyone that knows me, they know that I was the most limited, picky eater in the world. My husband eats any and everything. We would fight for hours about where to go out to dinner, usually it ending in us not going anywhere. My husband would watch cooking shows like it was "adult entertainment" – I watched it in disgust. Then things changed.

This past summer all of a sudden I wanted to try things I had never had before. I was having cravings for things I had never eaten in my life. I watched cooking shows with excitement and curiosity. My husband insists that it was all him who changed my taste buds. It wasn't. If it was him, it would have happened years ago. This past summer I started taking hormones that made me feel incredible! And as soon as I started taking them, that is when the taste buds changed. So, whatever it is attributed to, I am loving cooking now. I want to keep trying new things and continually improve upon the things I had been making.

We have been pushing towards organic living for the past several months too. I tried organic eating years ago, but there just wasn't the options that there are now. We have switched over to organic products whenever possible. Of course, there are items that we cannot find in organic, or if they are available, they are just too outrageously expensive, but I will try my best to give my family only hormone free, organic products whenever possible. I believe many of the health problems we are experiencing are due to the garbage chemicals that we have put into our overly processed food supply.

I have been taking pictures on my phone of the various things I have made over the past couple weeks. I am going to update the blog with the items I made and then moving forward, I hope to update this as much as possible.

I hope if anything, for those who are too afraid to start cooking, maybe they will give it a try. I hated cooking more than anything in this world. Now nothing makes me happier than being in an apron all day long in the kitchen. I just need to find a way to apply my undergrad and graduate schooling towards artisan breads and cheeses.

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